Some More About Vintage Funworld

A Great and Joyful place for the school and education tours

A pollution free environment making the place ideal for picnics and having fun in beautiful natural atmosphere. It is an ideal place for school picnics and education tours at a place which is surrounded by nature and has basketful fun and education activities.

At fun world there is something for everyone of the family where one can enjoy rides like Dragon zula, Break Dance, Fun world’s Extra Ordinary Dastan Express Train, Swing Chair and Marry-go-round.

There are children special rides like Jambo Bouncy, Chocolate catcher, Air Hockey, walking animal and car rides. We have large and lush green play ground where kids share their best time for playing outdoor games like cricket, badminton, football etc.

All the abovementioned games, rides and equipments are placed at a beautiful landscape garden and at the same time children can also develop their skills in army camp.

There is also a museum of rarest of the rare and India’s largest and best collection of vintage cars which include cars which were owned and used by Kings and Maharajas. These vintage cars include rare historic Rolls Royce, Mercedez Benz, Maybach, Bentley, Ford etc. In addition to cars, collection also include vintage bikes, carts, buggies which were used by kings and queens at the time when motorized transport was not popular.

Further we have also a beautifully landscaped vintage village restaurant based on village theme located in the same premises and serving delicious and traditional Gujarati thali. There are facilities available for made to order food specially for school and educational tours.